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As part of the process of lettings whether it from an applicant, tenant, landlord or supplier’s perspective, WB Lettings will have to collect certain information to carry out various aspects of the services it offers. We’re committed to keeping your data safe, whilst giving you control and flexibility with in the regulations we must abide by. We’re committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a change to the law relating to personal data that became effective from 25 May 2018. WB Lettings is a member of Information Commissioners Office.


Personal data relates to an individual. It could be used to identify you. It includes your name and contact details but can also include data about your transactions or your use of our services. Scope of our privacy notice

This privacy notice applies to anyone who interacts with us about our products and services in any way (for example, by email, through our website, by phone). We will give you further privacy information if necessary for specific contact methods or in relation to specific products or services.


This privacy notice applies to you if you ask us about, or use our products and services. It describes how we handle your information, regardless of the way you contact us (for example, by email, through our website, by phone and so on). We will provide you with further information or notices if necessary, depending on the way we interact with each other, for example if you use email we may give you privacy notices which apply just to a particular type of information which we collected through that email.


If you have any questions about this, please contact us at


What information is being collected?

Individual and company names; contact details including phone number, email address, home and previous addresses, passport / picture id details and bank details. Not all these details will be collect from all contacts, this is dependent on the nature of the contact with the individual or company.

If we’re required by law to share your data with other organisations, such as the government, we always do so securely, and we don’t share more than we need to. When we ask other companies to process data on our behalf we’ll always make sure they follow similarly high standards to those followed by WB Lettings.

Who is collecting it?

WB Lettings LTD will be collecting these details via direct contact (face-to-face, phone call, letter, email, social media) or by third party. Where you provide us with information about other people, you must make sure that they have seen a copy of this privacy notice and are comfortable with you giving us their information.


How is it collected?

The data will be collected via various routes depending on the requirements and nature of the contact. This could be via an enquiry online, direct email, phone call or letter, resulting from seeing advertising, or being given a recommendation. All information taken is added to a secure online system, all documentation created in collection of data is then destroyed via secure means. We use your data to ensure we process your transactions safely and securely. It can also help us to personalise your experience and develop new services that we think will improve you experience with WB Lettings.


Why is it being collected?

WB Lettings needs the data collected to be able to complete its verbal and written contracts with clients and suppliers. To maintain a high standard of service to all customers.


How will it be used?

Whether it’s to deliver products and services to you and others, or to follow legal requirements, we’ll always be clear and open with you about how and why we’re using your data. And if you need more detail, we’ll always keep our privacy notices where you can find them easily.

  • For ongoing contact with clients and suppliers, to maintain good communication between all relevant parties.

  • Marketing material, including future property information and fee structures, ensuring that all the clients requirements are met with the correct information.

  • Customer service. To maintain a high quality of customer service, communication is of the upper most importance.

  • Government regulation checks.

  • Referencing.

  • Bank details will be collected to maintain a good payment service to all parties involved. All bank details are held within secure systems designed for bank data storage.

  • Property management and maintenance.



How long will it be kept?

If no contact has been made from enquiry applicants, details will be deleted from records 2 months after last contact. The details can be deleted from records at requested of person involved. Tenancy related documents are kept for 7 years after tenancy end date.


Who will it be shared with?

Sharing some personal data with us is essential for you to be able to experience a timely service, for example; when work needs to be carried out on a property. It means we can quickly get in touch with you to action any issues in the prompt manner required. Within this business we may share (with your prior permission and depending on your contact and contract type with WB Lettings) to share some contact details with the following:

  • Trades people: Suppliers: Utilities: Local councils and government agencies: Contractors: Landlords: Tenants: Rent4sure: TDS


What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

Clients will experience a more tailored service resulting in the correct resolution.


You’ve trusted us with your data, and in return we’ll give you the control you need. You can decide how we contact you with offers of products and services or information we think you may be interested in. It’s straightforward to keep your personal details up to date by phone or email, and we’ll always make it easy for you to change your mind about how we contact you.


We have your permission.

As is best practice, we will only ask you for permission to process your personal information if there is no other legal reason to process it. If we need to ask for your permission, we will make it clear that this is what we are asking for and ask you to confirm your choice to give us that permission. If we cannot provide a product or service without your permission (for example, we can’t start your referencing without your contact information), we will make this clear when we ask for your permission. If you later withdraw your permission, we will no longer be able to provide you with a product or service that relies on having your permission.


The GDPR aims to give you more control of your data. It provides new and strengthened rights.

  • Right to access – you can ask us whether we’re processing your personal data, including where and for what purpose.

  • Right to restrict processing – in certain circumstances, you can ask us to restrict our use of your personal data

  • Right to rectification – you can already ask us to correct inaccurate personal data we hold about you

  • Right to erasure (right to be forgotten) – in certain circumstances, you can ask us to erase your personal data

  • Right to data portability – you can ask us to provide you with a copy of your personal data in a commonly used electronic format so that you can transfer it to other businesses

  • Right to object to automated decision-making – in certain circumstances, you can ask us not to make automated decisions about you based on your personal data that produce significant legal effects

  • Right to lodge a complaint – you can lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority

To read more about the GDPR, please visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website – it’s an independent authority that upholds information rights in the public interest


Complaint procedure.

Though we work very hard to make sure we offer a high standard or service to all our customers, we know that it doesn’t always go to plan. In the unfortunate situation that you find that you need to complain you can do this by contacting the office by:


Phone; 01635 242040

Writing; WB Lettings Ltd, The Old Joinery, Ayres Lane, Burghclere, RG20 9HG


How will we deal with your complaint and how long is this likely to take?

If we can resolve your complaint within three working days after the day you made your complaint, we’ll write to you to confirm this. Where we’re unable to resolve your complaint within this time, we’ll promptly write to you to acknowledge receipt. We’ll then continue to investigate your complaint and aim to send you our final written decision within four weeks from the day of receipt. If we’re unable to resolve your complaint within four weeks following receipt, we’ll write to you to confirm that we’re still investigating it. Within eight weeks of receiving your complaint we’ll either send you a final written decision explaining the results of our investigation or we’ll send you a letter advising that we have been unable to reach a decision at this time.

If you remain unhappy with our response, or after eight weeks you do not wish to wait for us to complete our review, you may refer your complaint to the TDS in relation to deposits, Property Redress Scheme in relation to any other complaint and the ICO Information Commissioner's Office


We may change our privacy notice and add new privacy notices in the future as required, so we recommend that you check this page occasionally to ensure that you are up to date with any changes we may make in the future.

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